Another round

The biennial cycle of the match process begins again. 2 years ago on I had some doubts and they were soon quelled. The last 2 years have ranged from being great to mediocre depending on the company I keep. Now it’s time again to rekindle the fire of uncertainty. The GI fellowship match results are expected in 2.5 hrs. The situation is the same but the thoughts lingering in my mind are different

  1. Will I match?
    • I only interviewed at one place that had 4 spots. They interviewed almost 50 people for that position.
    • If I match, I will finally move out of Champaign and to Philly
    • How will my first year of being a GI fellow feel like
  2. What if I don’t match?
    • I’ll have to start looking for a backup specialty like hepatology
    • If I don’t get into hepatology, I will have to work as a hospitalist for at least 3-4 years before applying again
    • Where would I apply for a hospitalist position

The list goes on again, time will tell.  The stress-related GI hyper-motility syndrome begins. I will keep you posted

Xfinity TV app Setup

I ditched my uverse connection to go back to old reliable comcast. Uverse was great but picture quality wasn’t great and kept on freezing. Despite many tech support home call, I decided to call it quits as the price kept on going higher and I got in touch with a local sales rep who gave me a great deal for the next 2 years. Sure I miss the user interface of uverse. Comcast chooses to live in the 8-bit text on screen menu :)

Xfinity Logo

Enter the Xfinity TV app on the iphone/android – this app is advertised as a handheld remote control / DVR manager. Unfortunately I was never able to make it work. Some online searching and I found a way to make it work for me.  Writing this post to share the love

  1. Download and install the app on your phone (from app store or android marketplace)
  2. Login using your ID (you should have it on your bill / chat with tech support to get it)
  3. Identify your set top box. Make sure it is from the list of compatible boxes listed on comcast’s site
  4. Most people will get an error (and tech support does not know how to trouble shoot this). Other people will not even see the STB name identified on the screen. Don’t worry just read on
  5. Now enter your zip code and select the correct channel listing.
  6. All features work but the channel changing function. :guns_tb:

Here’s how to make the channel changing feature work :D

  1. Log into xfinity TV on fancast. Use the same ID (thanks Frankie)
  2. Go to My DVR manager page and setup sync (I am not sure how this works for people with no DVR service). The site will say sync might take up to 24 hrs to complete. Ignore it
  3. Now you will see that your TV is atleast identified by the xfinity app (you can check this by going to settings on the app and test tv)
  4. Next, using your comcast remote select menu, then select parental control, then select exit (thanks Dave)

Everything worked for me after I followed this command. Now I don’t need to use the Fugly comcast remote. My phone is an awesome remote with an awesome UI with channel listings :P

Open letter to Apple

Dear Apple

I have been a long time PC user. Used to (and still do) love any Nokia phone. My phone history dates back to the Nokia 3110, N-gage, N-gage QD, N70 and N82. I always used to think that apple products are “cool” and that they just work. I was contemplating migrating to the mac for my day to day computing but the overinflated product prices always kept me at bay. I’m now an owner of Alienware M15x (a bit pricey but well worth it). My att contract expired in November and I was contemplating switching to Verizon. People kept telling me to wait for the new iPhone. I did…

iPhone4 Reception issue
iPhone4 Reception issue

Fast forward to June 2010. I thought I’d buy the iPhone4 after seeing “the best iPhone ever” with the “most wonderful engineering ever”. The pre-order process was a pretty huge clusterf*#k. I finally got through the system the next day. I get the phone about 3 weeks later. In the meanwhile, reports surface that your device is really not that revolutionary. Your engineers did not anticipate the antenna reception issues. After a lot of media reports, you acknowledge that the problem is real but have the audacity to tell users “Don’t hold it that way”. The next thing we know apply would also tell us how to procreate correctly.

Then you say that your engineers miscalculated the formula to display signal strength (blame it on att’s signals). FYI, I’ve had my nokia phones (N70 and N82) for the last 2 years in the same reception area and always had full bars. By your definition, even nokia (and I’m pretty sure) other cell phone manufacturers also had it wrong because they should not be showing full bars. Right! Bulls*@%t. Consumer reports has confirmed that there is a design flaw. Own up to it already.

I received my iPhone in the mail yesterday. I too have the reception issue (regardless of whether I hold it in my left hand or right hand). I’m disappointed in apple. You just lost a customer. I’ll probably not return my iPhone because I find the medical applications handy for my day to day work but I’m not buying any more apple products. My request to you, own up to your mistakes. You make a lot of money, this is just a small bump in your long term finances. If you don’t this might just turn up into a big PR fiasco

yours sincerely
(never to become an apple customer again)

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